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# Name a person, place, or thing you want to learn about. Your deity grants you visions of the target, as clear as if you were there. [1]
# The symbol of your deity appears before you and gestures towards the direction or course of action your deity would have you take then disappears. The message is through gesture only; your communication through this spell is severely limited.
# Visions Through Time:
  Cast this spell and gaze into a reflective surface to see into the depths of time. The GM will reveal the details of a Grim Portent to you—a bleak event that will come to pass if not directly stopped. 
  They'll tell you something useful about how you can interfere with the Grim Portent's dark outcomes. 
  Rare is the Portent that claims "You'll live happily ever after." Sorry.
# You send a request to another plane. Specify what you'd like to contact by location, type of creature, name, or title. You open a two-way communication with that creature. Your communication can be cut off at any time by you or the creature you contacted.
# Your deity answers your prayers with a moment of perfect understanding. The GM will shed light on the current situation. When acting on the information, you take +1 forward.
Exempel på divination:
# Kasta runstavar.
# Spå i inälvor.
# Spå i stjärnor.
# Låta insekter krypa på ett bräde.
# Gå i trans och se syner. Trans ger ytterligare ett adjektiv, men är knepigare på andra sätt.
# Samtala med rösten i huvudet